About Tia Chamberlain

Tia Chamberlain, a dedicated and committed individual, currently holds the position of Administrator in our esteemed company. Balancing her role with professional study, Tia is an inspiring example of dedication and ambition. While she tirelessly manages the day-to-day operations within the realm of real estate administration, she is also diligently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Curtin University.
Born and raised in Perth, Australia, Tia's keen interest in human behavior and mental processes led her to study Psychology. She is currently enrolled part-time at Curtin University, one of Australia's top public research universities, and is expected to complete her degree within the next few years. Her studies in psychology bring an extra layer of understanding and empathy to her interactions with clients and colleagues, making her a valued member of our team.
At work, Tia's roles are multi-faceted. As a Marketing and Administration Professional, she seamlessly ensures the smooth operation of our real estate agency. From coordinating property listings to managing client relations and leading marketing campaigns, Tia's dedication and attention to detail are integral to our company's success. Her excellent organization and time management skills allow her to juggle her work and study commitments effectively.
But Tia's life is not all work and study. In her downtime, she is an avid fan of Pilates, regularly participating in classes to maintain her health and well-being. Pilates also serves as a stress reliever for Tia, helping her to maintain her focus and balance in both her personal and professional life.
Tia is also a lover of the great outdoors. On weekends, she can often be found taking hikes in the beautiful Perth Hills, a region known for its breathtaking views and challenging trails. These outdoor pursuits, coupled with her passion for nature, reflect her adventurous spirit and zest for life.
Finally, family and friends are an important part of Tia's life. Despite her busy schedule, she always finds time to cherish her loved ones. These relationships nourish her, providing the support and motivation she needs to succeed in her multifaceted life.
Tia Chamberlain's story is one of dedication, resilience, and balance. Juggling an important role in our company with academic aspirations, while also making time for personal pursuits and loved ones, Tia embodies the mantra 'hard work pays off.' We are indeed fortunate to have such a dynamic, focused, and compassionate individual on our team.