About Jamie Chamberlain

Jamie is the steadfast anchor that unifies and nurtures our family. With a successful 15-year ownership of his own business, Jamie's unwavering support for his wife Kym led him to embrace a new and exciting challenge in the realm of Real Estate in 2013.
Bolstered by a strong management background and a highly successful sales career, Jamie brings an invaluable skill set to the table. As the Director of Morgan and Hayes, his proficiency in management and accounting has enabled him to master the intricacies of the Trust Account while overseeing the dedicated Accounts Team.
Jamie's unwavering commitment to meticulousness, attention to detail, and exceptional work ethic ensures the seamless day-to-day operations of our esteemed Real Estate Agency. His dedication to maintaining the highest standards sets him apart as a true professional in the industry.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Jamie's love for his family radiates through every aspect of his life. When he is not at the office, he cherishes moments with the loves of his life: his children Tia and Jack. Whether it's cheering them on from the stands as they participate in sports or quietly supporting them in their pursuits, Jamie's devotion to his family knows no bounds.